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Appetizers 頭盤

Soup 湯羹

Shark's Fin Soup 魚翅

 Sizzling Rice (Thick Soup) 窩巴

Chicken 雞類

Duck  鴨類

Peking Duck  北京填鴨 (Please call to check on availability of Peking Duck items.  Current Price)

Pork & Spareribs  豬肉類

New Item

Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple  菠蘿咕嚕肉- $16.95

Beef  牛肉類

Egg & Tofu  蛋及豆腐類

Seafood  海鮮類

Live Lobsters & Crabs  游水龍蝦,蟹

Hot Pot  煲仔類

Vegetables  蔬菜類

Vegetarian Specialties  素食類

Hot Plate  鐵板類

Curry 咖喱類

Fried Rice 炒飯類

Fried Noodle & Chow Fun 炒麵及炒粉類

Desserts 甜品